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Naples Illustrated, March
The Network, September-October
Dr Uvencio Blanco Hernandez, «Ahedrez patrimonio cultural de la humanidad»
This painting is used as the book's cover illustration The won back rook.
Naples Illustrated, November
These paings are used as illustrations: Dream and Jesus and the Samaritan.
Fine Art Connoisseur
Characterized by his deeply honest means of expression and fascination with Orientalism, Surrealism, and social commentary, Moscow painter Stanislav Plutenko brings his vivid dreams to life. Read more »
American Art Collector, March
These paings are used as illustrations: From the height…, Maroccan girl and Sister is back again.
Gulfshore Life Magazine, December
These paings are used as illustrations: Into the fire and The tree, the cloud.
Frederik Pohl, «Pompei 2079»
This painting is used as the book's cover illustration Assol or Meeting the balloon.
The article in the Spanish magazine GalArt
The article in the magazine This is London
The article in the newspaper Pulse UK
The painting The Jester scaring birds on the cover of the English magazine "The Art Investor"
The front cover of a Polish magazine
Icarus is used in cover design.
Marina Nevzorova, Abandoning the abandoners
Winged and Landed is used in cover design.
Vladimir Vester, Favourites of the Moon
The Dream of Mr Moukhin, a provincial is used in cover design.
Marina Nevzorova, The Necklace of Marie-Antoinette
The Space of the Queen of Hearts is used in cover design.
Igor Tarasevich, The Pilot and Matryona
An Early Take-Off is used in cover design.
Alexander Selin, A New Romantic
Icarus is used in cover design.
Iskousstvo (“Art”) magazine, January-February 2003

She’s Just Dropped the Hookah
The work is used as an illustration for the article “Germination and formation of new art markets”
London Info, 20 September 2002
Plutenko the Extraordinary
    17 September saw the opening of an exhibition of works by the Russian artist Stanislav Plutenko in Hay Hill Gallery, Mayfair. His paintings are surprising. They evoke in the audience a gamut of emotions, right up to protest. Nonetheless, they are found in many a famous gallery around the world.
On the left: Stanislav Plutenko.
Photo by Natalia Shirokova

Info Center. No: 6, 26 September 2002

“See the extraordinary and make it still more extraordinary”

Such is the motto of Stanislav Plutenko, whose works opened the autumn season at Hay Hill Gallery. His paintings are so vivid and so unusual, that even casual passers-by cannot help slowing their pace as they walk down this little street in Mayfair.
    A born Muscovite, Stanislav Plutenko’s way to Art was anything but commonplace. He began his artist’s career as a college student of… instrument-making, then joined the Army. And it was only after all that testing that his passion for painting prevailed. After graduating from the Stroganov Academy of Arts, the artist has taken part in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. In 1997, he won a prestigious ‘Golden Brush’ award. His personal exhibitions took place in Stockholm, Chicago, Moscow and in the Institute of Contemporary Art in London.
   The striking talent of the master arouses exceptional interest, attracting your attention by its vividness, multilayer-ness and profound symbolism. In addition, his works are executed with a unique technique, when on canvas, oil, tempera, acrylic and watercolour are mixed.
    At the presentation, attended by the artist himself, one of his works, Flock Attendant, was bought straight away for £900.
Where: Hay Hill Gallery, 11Â Hay Hill, Mayfair, London W1J 6DL.
When: 16 September through 19 October
Yana Gromova

Tolyatti Review — week summary, 28 June 2002

Playing the Aesthetes

A Swiss Display of Russian Artists
On 19 June, a sensational exhibition brought to us by the ‘Medici House’ gallery, Switzerland, opened doors in Tolyatti City Art Gallery. Read more »
Vodka, April 2001

A Booze-Up
The work is used as an illustration for the article “The Only Remedy is the Guillotine
The United Ratings of Contemporary Artists and 18th-20th Centuries Masters

The description of the rating category: 3B — a professional artist in great demand from the art market and public.
Cyborgs’ Delectations (by the Order of Courteous Mannerists)
Works are used in the book’s front- and back-cover design.
Maison Fransaise, Autumn 1997

Broken Dreams (oil, canvas)
An Allegory of Eternity
    17 through 31 October, Stanislav Plutenko’s exhibition named “An Allegory of Eternity” is open in the Albatross gallery. Symbolic meaning of various emotional states and moments of existence underlie a distinctive philosophy of depiction.
Acrylic, canvas; 120 õ 105 cm

The Sunday Times, September 8, 1996

The Jester by Stanislav Plutenko, the Moscow artist currently on show at the ICA in London
Art amateurs discover a new Russian talent

RUSSIAN art has flourished in the heady atmosphere of freedom since the end of the communist era. Now a pair of amateur enthusiasts have beaten professional art dealers at their own game by bringing an exciting new talent to the attention of the West. Read more »


Freitag 8. November 1991

Bilder aus Moskau

Glasnost und Perestroika haben den Tempera-Arbeiten des russischen Kiinstlers Stanislav Plutenko (Foto) den Weg nach Ulm geebnet. Die neu gegriindete Galerie „Baltija“ in der Ulmer Hahnengasse 11 zeigt iiber ein Dutzend Plutenko-Bilder von der politischen Satire iiber marionettenhafte Theaterszenen bis hin zu realistischen Land-schaftsdarstellungen, die sich be-sonders durch Licht- und Schatten-wirkungen auszeichnen. Read more »

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